Cranky? Give Your Body Some Love!

The next part of the NEW START acronym, that I want to talk about is "REST". In our fast paced society, we are usually on the go, night and day! Many people work at nights and some large cities have activities 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!. Those who do not work at … Continue reading Cranky? Give Your Body Some Love!

An Incredible Diet: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off!

Now that we understand that the secret to weight loss is first to detox the body to remove toxins and heavy metals, then we need to maintain or continue to lose weight. Many people will lose some weight and then reach a plateau, become frustrated , get back to the old habits and regain the … Continue reading An Incredible Diet: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off!

The Weight Loss Hallucination!

It's a recurring decimal! Every new year, we make resolutions to lose weight. The first few weeks of the year, much effort is made to stick to the resolution to lose weight and improve the body's image. Sooner or later, the resolution leaves the forefront of the minds as we fall back into the old … Continue reading The Weight Loss Hallucination!

Radiation Everyone Needs!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...and God said "Let there be light"..... and God called the light Day and the darkness he called Night.Genesis 1: 1-5 (King James Version of the Bible) According to scripture, the first things created were the sun, moon and stars. Afterwards, he created water, then vegetation, … Continue reading Radiation Everyone Needs!

The Elixir Of Life!?

The third part of the acronym, NEW START, is water. Water is the elixer of life. According to Tammy Darling of Vibrant Life, "Water constitutes about 90 percent of your blood; 75 percent of your brain and muscles; 25 percent of body fat, and 22 percent of bone."  Your brain sets the production standards for … Continue reading The Elixir Of Life!?

The Most Common Barrier to Great Health!

I left the clinic armed with quality information and decided to make a NEW START. This is an acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, (fresh) Air, Rest and Trust (in God). This was introduced to me some time ago before I had the first heart attack. I dismissed it because I thought I was healthy. … Continue reading The Most Common Barrier to Great Health!

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

As the holidays approach, I felt that I should give some tips about staying healthy during the holidays. Many of us who maintain a healthy lifestyle tend to lose our focus during the holidays because of the excitement generated from all sides. We are invited to dinners and parties and many times we tend to … Continue reading Happy, Healthy Holidays!

How To Retrain The Bowels

After cleansing the bowels, it is extremely important to retrain your elimination habits in order to prevent another build up of toxins. There are several natural remedies for a sluggish bowel. Acid fruits, like freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and lemon are especially laxative in their raw form.  Store bought juices do … Continue reading How To Retrain The Bowels

Isotonic Flush

"Death begins in the colon" is a saying that not many people think about. But this is the root cause of many diseases and consequently death.  It is said that as many as 85% of Americans suffer from poor  digestion and elimination.  A sure sign of poor colon health is less than 2-3 eliminations per … Continue reading Isotonic Flush

The Cleanse, Part 2

The 10 days went by really fast!  There were so many health revelations, it was hard to keep up with them.  It was indeed a week of education, discoveries and reinforcement of what I already knew!  The atmosphere was relaxing and rejuvenating, and Doctor Rudy shared  many stories of healing and health challenges experienced by … Continue reading The Cleanse, Part 2