Peace Through Trust!

Feel peaceful by just looking at and enjoying God’s creation!

Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year.
The global suicide rate is 16 per 100,000 population.
On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.
1.8% of worldwide deaths are suicides.
Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years.

These statistics are frightening! One wonders why the suicide rate has been increasing steadily. I will posit an answer. Many have lost hope and peace because there is no longer a universal acknowledgement of a Creator God, who is our Peace! Spiritual health has declined significantly over the past decades because God and the Holy Bible, the word of God, has been removed from the public sphere. People lose hope and do not have something or someone greater than themselves to trust in and so they give up on life.

Trust in God, or a supreme being, is the last part of the acronym NEW START. Understanding and acknowledging that all good gifts come from God gives peace. All the foods necessary for our survival and well-being were made by Him, and each time we eat the fruit of the ground, we give thanks and pray that it will nourish and heal our bodies.

Trusting in God is also a way of practicing optimism. Researchers have long credited optimism with numerous benefits, including reduced stress and better overall emotional health. By trusting in God, people feel like other outcomes are possible and this boosts a positive outlook.

Stress has several negative effects on our health and well-being, and can lead to many diseases including cancer, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, a common cause for suicide, weight gain or loss and diabetes to name a few. Stress can be alleviated by a simple trust in God!

Faith and spirituality provide a sense of purpose, allow people to connect to something greater than themselves, and enable us to release control. These abstract gains then translate into concrete ones: an expansion of social networks and improved health. All of these points are essential to stress reduction.

Trust in God is essential for our mental and physical well-being. The stressors and difficulties in life can have a negative effect on our health including thoughts of suicide. However, when we recognize the power greater than ourselves and relinquish control to Him, we are relieved of those emotional stresses that negatively affect our health. When we start each day with prayer and invite God to lead us through the day we can truly say that: “All things work together for good to them that love God.” So whatever comes at us through the day we can see God and the good in it, thus live a stress-free healthier life. Trust God! We all need to!


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