Who Am I With Videos

Welcome to my blog site!  Let me introduce myself.

I am an almost 63-year-old who has suffered two heart attacks, BUT amazingly, I am living a happy, healthy life without any form of medication!  I am literally a picture of health!

How did I do this?  I escaped the medical protocols.  Let me explain.  I had a heart attack almost nine years ago and received 3 stents.  This all started when my doctor told me that I had high cholesterol and started me on statins. I took them faithfully and developed diabetes. Then I had to get metformin, a diabetes medication.

It was during that time of faithfully taking these two drugs that I had a heart attack, even though my doctor gave me a “clean bill of health” two weeks before.  He was so happy that my cholesterol levels had fallen significantly and the diabetes was under control!  Then, BOOM!…. I had a heart attack and had three stents placed in my arteries which, I was told, were 80% blocked. I came home loaded with medications, which were costing me almost $500.00 per month as well as my health. There were significant side effects, which I knew could not be good for my body. When I questioned God, I literally hear him say ” You are paying them to kill you”! I was in shock! I knew this was serious and I had to do something.

Then I had to take my health into my own hands.  I started researching ways to restore my health.  I took the bold step and ditched the medications after detoxifying to lose weight and do other healthy things.  I was doing really well, but had to fire my doctor!  He insisted that I needed to take my meds, my insurance company kept calling and reminding me to take my meds.  I succumb to the pressure, reverted to my old way of eating meat after my husband had to go on dialysis, and ended up with a second heart attack.

During the hospital stay, doctors insisted that I do an open heart surgery!  Understanding how the body works, I decided against surgery and took an AMA( discharged against medical advice).  Doctors warned that if I left the hospital without surgery, I would die and they would not be responsible.  I took the AMA anyway.

It was after the second attack that I decided that NO ONE can take care of my health better than I can.  I did what I knew to do to restore my health: detoxify and do other healing actions. During the new lifestyle process I lost almost 75 pounds, and I am still counting.  Now friends and family say I look like a 50-year-old!

NO ONE is responsible for your health but YOU.

Someone sent me the following video. I have no idea what is the name of the person in the video, but I agree with him totally. These have been my musings over the years after my heart attacks and I wonder why I had never met a doctor like him. Where was he when I and millions of other people needed him? I realize that there is now a great awakening since the covid crisis. It is a wonderful time to be alive and I praise God for sparing my life to see these times we are now experiencing. What can you learn from this video and how can you apply it to your life?

The following videos take you through my journey on how the heart attack happened, my struggles, and what I have been doing:

My First Heart Attack A Blessing?

How could this happen to me? Looking back, I can chuckle about it, but God is awesome and I was really blessed under the circumstances!

The following pictures were taken between 2010 and 2013. I had my first heart attack in July 2013. As you can see, I was carrying a lot of weight! All the junk that I was eating was being stored in fat cells because my body had nowhere else to dump it. I was not detoxing, so that made it even harder on my body!

Food Becomes You

Poor Lifestyle Choices

My pictures after the first heart attack 2013 – 2018. During this period, I lost some weight and started on a vegan diet. I did my regular exercise and was doing really well until my husband ended up on dialysis due to a particular medication (Culcrys). He started to eat meat again and I had to prepare it. I succumb to eating meat again and ended up with a second heart attack.

My Diabetes Challenge.

This video talks about diabetes and how I was able to deal with the challenge of having diabetes!

Take Charge

The Decision is Yours

The second heart attack woke me up! I realized that I could not revert to the bad habits that caused the heart attacks in the first place. While I was on the vegan diet, exercising and getting enough sunshine, sleep, and water, I did really well, As a matter of fact, sometimes I forgot that I had a heart attack, and my husband had to remind me sometimes to take things easy.

More to come! Visit again soon.