Is Diabetes Reversible?

It is true! Diabetes is reversible! Let me share my story with you before I tell you how to reverse diabetes!. My grandfather suffered the loss of a leg and developed several health issues because of complications with diabetes. My uncle lost a leg, my aunt lost both legs because of diabetes. I have seen the effects of medication on diabetes first hand. The patient ultimately ends up with uncontrolled blood sugar despite the increasing doses of insulin. Medication to control diabetes lulls the patient into complacency with the thought that the medication will take care of the problem. Of course you can eat whatever you want because there is medicine to take care of the symptoms. LIE! In 2012 after taking Simvastatin for a year, I discovered I was diabetic ( see results below)

Lab results after a year on Statins

You can imagine the terror that filled my soul when I discovered that my A1c was at 11.3 after taking statin to lower cholesterol. I did not want to lose my limbs from nerve damage caused by high blood sugar!. I did not want to develop kidney disease, become blind or experience all the negative effects of high blood sugar. I started to research the causes of the disease and some of the suggested ways to deal with it. I found that it is mainly a lifestyle disease, but can be triggered by medications like statins, as was in my case. I also discovered that despite the medications and diets suggested by the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the fourth leading cause of death in the USA. What does that say about the suggested diet and medications?? I will suggest answers that question in another blog.

Statins are not the only drugs that cause an elevation in blood sugar. Recently, I lost a cousin because her A1c was so elevated by the use of a “miracle drug” a type of steroid, that all her organs shut down. Within 5 months of taking this miracle drug that is supposed to to take care of many diseases, she was dead. Elevated blood sugar over an extended period is a deadly disease. Some die quickly, some die slowly, but all eventually die from the effects of the medications used to treat the symptoms or from the complications arising from the disease itself. But, no one needs to die of this deadly disease. I took my health in my own hands and I have reversed the levels to the point where I am now considered borderline diabetic; NOT diabetic but borderline, meaning that going back to a previous lifestyle can make me diabetic. Compare my recent results with the one above.

My Recent A1c Result

After years of struggling to reverse my diabetes on my own, using a non conventional method, my A1c is borderline diabetic! During this period, I tried many natural, over the counter herbs and spices. Some helped, some did not. Recently, I discovered that many studies have been done using just diet and exercise to reverse diabetes, some in as little a 4 weeks. I struggled for years to do what can be done in weeks naturally, without the harmful effects of drugs!!. Drugs really provide a band-aid effect. They do not take care of the root cause of the disease, they treat the symptoms with chemicals which cause further problems in the body. It is sad, but, I laugh at times when I listen to the advertisements on television. The miracle drug being advertised has such a litany of side effects, one has to wonder if one should disregard these in order to get the one “good benefit’. I wish I had found this all natural protocol to reverse diabetes long before now!

The information is now available for anyone who wants it. The protocol explains why we have diabetes. It explains the effects of medications on the body in pdf form as well as in an audio book. There is also a recipe book and other educational materials that will help you take control of your health. You will also have access to free one-on-one counseling to help you through the process. The program teaches how to:

“Reverse Diabetes Today”

No one needs to suffer the effects of diabetes and the side effects of medications! No one needs to be poking himself or herself with a needle daily! No one needs to go blind! No one needs to develop heart disease, or kidney disease! No one needs to lose a limb or both limbs because of diabetes. The protocol to reverse diabetes in as little as 4 weeks is available for anyone who wants to live a worry-free, needle-free life. And it is easy to do! The protocol is normally $97, but, for my special readers, it is available for a limited time for only $47. Click here to get this limited time offer before it disappears!

I watched my aunt suffer, first with the pain of giving herself insulin every time she had to eat, then being on dialysis as a result of the diabetes. I suffered with her when she had a craving for some food she loved and was not able to eat it because it was forbidden! I wish I had the understanding of the disease then, so I could have helped her. I wish I knew about the protocol to reverse diabetes before she died such a painful death after losing both legs! I wish I knew about this protocol before my cousin died of a heart attack, brought on by diabetes!

If you or a loved one is suffering from this disease, there is no need to suffer anymore, help is here. I reversed my diabetes the more difficult way, over a period of years, now any one can do it in as little as 4 weeks. Save yourself or your loved ones the pain and suffering and get this help before it is too late! God bless!

Please note that this protocol gives an education about diseases, that is beneficial to everyone. So even if you are not diabetic, you can learn a lot from this protocol. Don’t forget to follow me so you can get updates and please leave a comment! Feel free to contact me with any questions via face book messenger or e-mail.

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