Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Statins?

I could not believe my eyes! My heart sank when I saw the blood results. My hemoglobin A1C was 10.3, full-blown diabetes! I CANNOT have diabetes because I saw what it did to my aunts and uncle, and I was told my grandfather died because of complications with diabetes. How could this have happened? I know I had been a bit careless with my diet, but there was no indication that I was even in the beginning stages of diabetes before.. I was in a daze and I started an introspection. What had changed? Was that a mistake? What should I do now?

I remember the year before, when I went for my yearly physical, I was told that my cholesterol was high and I needed to start on a statin drug. I trusted my doctor and thought he knew best, so I started the Simvastatin that he prescribed. A year later, I was diabetic. Is there a link between statin and diabetes? My doctor said no. I had to start on Metformin, a diabetic medication. I made the resolve that I would try to do this naturally. I began a regimen of diet and exercise, eating very little carbohydrates and lots of vegetables and fish and I stopped taking the statin. On my next doctor’s visit, my A1c was down to 6.7! That was when my quest for information on statins began. The things I have been discovering are really disturbing.

A Vicious Cycle

Recently, I went to a new doctor, a cardiologist, he says my cholesterol is high and I need to be on statins. I asked him some questions about statins and why the body produces so much. Of course, he blames it on heredity! He insisted that I should be on the drug, so as not to get into an argument with him, I agreed for him to send a prescription to the pharmacy. I picked up the prescription and read the insert. Sure enough, the insert indicates that diabetes may be a side effect of taking the drug! I have fired that cardiologist. I am in charge of my body, no one else.

Proof In Insert

Insert from pharmacy

Proof From a Doctor

The fact is that diabetics are prone to heart attacks because of the high levels of sugar in the blood over a long period of time. Numerous studies show that diabetes is a risk factor for sudden death from heart attacks. In fact, Science Daily indicates that diabetes raises the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. So, if statins can elevate blood sugar to the point where one becomes diabetic, isn’t it also a cause of heart attacks and possibly sudden death? Studies are showing that people with lower levels of cholesterol are more prone to die of a heart attack than those with elevated levels. So why statins?

Dr. David Brownstein on “A Health Awakening”

Thank God, through diet and exercise (walking daily), I have lowered my A1c to 5.9 and I am working on lowering it even further. No more statins for me, I need to find a new doctor! Lowering the A1c takes time, effort, and resolve. The truth is that diabetes is a devastating lifestyle disease that can be reversed with lifestyle changes. Statins created my diabetes and I am never going to take a statin drug ever again! For me, there is a link between diabetes and statin, I experienced it. My last A1c result is shown below. I continue to work on lowering it even further. You can do it too! Leave your comments below.

My A1c Results since 2016.

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