Radiation Everyone Needs!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…and God said “Let there be light”….. and God called the light Day and the darkness he called Night.

Genesis 1: 1-5 (King James Version of the Bible)

According to scripture, the first things created were the sun, moon and stars. Afterwards, he created water, then vegetation, animals and people. The progression in creation was very important since nothing could survive without water, air and sunlight. Space exploration is in continual search for water on mars, because they know that nothing survives without it. We cannot survive without air (oxygen, carbon dioxide etc.) and the next crucial part of the trio for life to continue its existence is sunlight! Sunlight is that crucial element needed for photosynthesis, so that plants can produce the foods that we need to support life.

Notice that during fall to winter months, plants begin to lose leaves and ultimately seem to die. The main reason is that enough radiation from sunlight is unavailable to help the plants maintain production of food. During the spring, when more radiation from sunlight is available, plants revive. By the time summer comes around, there is a myraid of delicious fruits and vegetables available for the nutrition we need. Look at the contrast with plants when there is not enough sunlight. These same trees will be lush with leaves and brilliant with color during the Spring!

Sunlight, in the broad sense, is the total frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun. On earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere and Solar Radiation is observed as daylight when the sun is above the horizon

Rudel Davis N.D.

When sunlight strikes the skin it begins to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble ‘secosteroids’ ( molecules very similar to steroids). The two relevant forms are D2 and D3. Vitamin D3 is produced after the skin is exposed to sunlight, when the sun is high enough that your shadow is shorter than you. The skin contains cholesterol known as 7-dehydrocholesterol, some of which converts to Vitamin D3 when UV-B light contacts the skin.

Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in regulating the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream, promoting healthy mineralization, growth and remodeling of bones, as well as preventing intermittent muscle spasms.

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency play a role in causing seventeen types of cancer (especially breast, colon and prostate) as well as autoimmune disease like birth defects, chronic pain depression (especially Seasonal Affective Disorder, experienced during long winter months when there is less sunlight), diabetes (type 1 and type 2), fibromyalgia, heart disease, hypertension, multiple scelerosis, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, periodontal disease and stroke.

Zoltan Rona MD,MSc, “Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin

The benefits of sunlight and the Skin Cancer Myth

Many people avoid the sun or use sunscreens to prevent skin cancer! As you should realize from the video, this is a myth. Staying away from the sun or using sunscreens is detrimental to your health! Sunscreens provide little free-radical protection and protect only the outer layer of the skin from burning while leaving the inner layer vulnerable to damage. Studies show that sunscreens make you more vulnerable to melanoma and worse, facilitates the skins absorption of pesticides. A sunscreen of only 8SPF will reduce your vitamin D production by 97.5% and sunscreen of 15SPF will reduce it by 99.9% (Rudel Davis ND).  Also the Environmental Working Group (EWG), suggests that Oxybenzone, a substance found in sunscreen, may disrupt cell function, cause low birth weight, and predisposes babies to a greater risk of many diseases, including heart disease. The EWG also suggests that Oxybenzone increases estrogen and decrease testosterone in men.

The many benefits of sunlight compared to the detrimental effects of chemicals should cause one to want to spend more time in the sun! Enjoy the natural radiation that God provided for our health!

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