Is Temperance A Good Thing?

We have all been there! Don’t tell me you have never been tempted to pile the plate high with food, when there is so much food and so many choices! Our eyes are usually much bigger than our stomachs, especially at gatherings of family and friends over food on special occasions. We want to take a taste of everything on the table, and before we realize it, the plate has more than we planned. Usually, its filled with meats and sweets and lots of carbohydrates, salads usually take a “back seat”. Then we eat, and sit and talk, then get ready for desserts! Oh, our poor stomachs!. We may end up with indigestion which throws our digestive system in chaos and pack on a few extra pounds, all because we have not learned to be temperate in all things!

Food keeps us together!

The next part of the acronym, NEW START, is Temperance. Solomon, the wisest man, warns us to be temperate in all things. Many of us are temperate in many things, but food, and seeing lots of it, usually takes us off our resolve! This is an inherited trait, Adam and Eve were taken off their resolve by food, according to the narrative. Overeating is one of the sins that we all fall into sometimes. However, when we overeat, it creates havoc in our digestive system and the rest of the body. Energy is diverted from other parts of the body to help with digesting the over load of food, so we feel tired and sometimes fall asleep! The short term problems include, over worked stomach and liver, reduced alertness, bloating and gas.

Usually we say: “This once is okay” . But, “this once” comes too often and by the end of a year we have more weight than we wanted. Long term effects of overeating include:

  • obesity
  • high blood pressure
  • risk of strokes
  • diabetes resulting from fatty liver
  • heart disease and
  • acid reflux

So, how do we avoid this love affair with food? It is difficult to avoid the temptation by not attending family gatherings! But, you may want to limit the number of occasions that you attend. When you do attend, make sure to

  • drink enough water half an hour before the meal.
  • use a small plate and resist the desire for second helpings
  • choose the healthier nutrient dense options; you will feel satisfied quicker
  • eat vegetable salads first
  • chew the food slowly
  • fast once per week, drink only water or juices, this helps to develop a resistance to food.
  • Eat only when you are hungry, stop snacking.

Your digestive system, indeed your whole body will love you for not over indulging in too much food at one sitting! Food is not the only thing that we overindulge in, all overindulgence is detrimental to our health! So, be temperate in all things

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