Caution! Detrimental To Your Health!

No wonder we have such a sick society! We use lots of chemicals in and around our homes which affect the air we breathe in a negative way. Along with that, we are usually locked in our homes with the AC on all day and night. We go to the job and we are locked inside, with the AC on all day and we breathe the stale air that keeps circulating in our environment. The air we breathe, with all the toxins and indoor pollution, is making us sick! In fact a Harvard research found that: ” Poor office air quality and lack of fresh air affect our ability to make decisions”  

Fresh Air is the next part of the NEW START acronym! Our bodies need fresh air, we are kept alive by life giving oxygen. Yet, we love to live in recycled air, which is the breeding ground for many diseases. Florence Nightingale (1820 -1910) recognized that fresh air was essential for healing. While working with injured soldiers, she suggested that bedrooms with unopened windows were unwholesome with foul air! She recommended that windows be kept open so that fresh air can circulate in the patients’ room. She exposed the bed linen to sunlight and fresh air because she believed it promoted health. Fresh air acts as a natural disinfectant!

Prior to Florence Nightingale, John Lettsom (1744-1815), physician, prescribed sea air and sunshine for children suffering from tuberculosis. Research has shown that people who work outdoors or walk outdoors regularly received significant health benefits. In Korea, elderly patients were sent on outdoor walks. Their vitals were checked afterwards and it was found that the elasticity of their arteries were improved resulting in lowered blood pressure and reduced stress hormones. A 2010 study in Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that walking outside for just 15 minutes improved mood and vitality. Important health benefits of fresh air include:

  • improves heart rate and blood pressure
  • alleviates stress
  • improves brain activity
  • increases energy
  • detoxifies the system and strengthens the immune system
  • cleans the lungs
  • improves mood and reduces depression
  • promotes healthy skin

It is recommended that we allow fresh air to circulate in our sleeping area but avoid direct drafts. I sleep with an open window. As much as is possible open windows and doors during the day to allow fresh air to circulate in the home environment. Drive with your car windows down; it is exhilarating! Also practice deep breathing. Inhale deeply, hold for a count of 10 then exhale completely. Repeat this 3 or 4 times and then 3 or 4 times per day.

Lack of fresh air is indeed detrimental to your health! Take a break! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air to improve your health!

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