HealthCare You Deserve!

So Many Questions: How is your health these days? With all that has happened over the last year, many are stressed and some got sick with all kinds of maladies, especially with the recent virus and injections. Are you tired of taking pills? Are you sent for surgeries that you do not care to do? … Continue reading HealthCare You Deserve!

Everyone Should Know About NDMA!

Background I am so happy to know that my health decisions have been proven right. When one puts his or her trust in the Creator, who has made all thing well, then all will be well. I have written about my struggle with type 2 diabetes and heart disease on this blog. You will recall, … Continue reading Everyone Should Know About NDMA!

Holistic Medicine?

What is it? Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness. According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health -- the primary goal of holistic medicine practice -- by gaining proper balance in life. … Continue reading Holistic Medicine?

Corona Virus…I Am Not Afraid

Don't Panic The world seems to be in a panic! Corona virus seems to be the worst disease ever (SMH)! When we listen to the constant loop of news, it is about to wipe out the entire world population and people go crazy buying up as much toilet paper as they can find! What in … Continue reading Corona Virus…I Am Not Afraid

Nitric Oxide and Health

What is Nitric Oxide? Nitric oxide is a chemical messenger which cannot be stored and can rapidly diffuse across cell membranes to act at remote sites in the body; it is a very important signaling molecule . It is unstable so it is converted to nitrites and nitrates within 10 seconds. It is present in … Continue reading Nitric Oxide and Health

Remnant Cholesterol’s Role in Heart Attacks

If you’ve never heard of remnant cholesterol then the definition is found in the name itself, “remnant.” They are triglyceride-rich remnant particles leftover after removing HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol from total cholesterol. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is made by all animal cells. It is a key ingredient in making new … Continue reading Remnant Cholesterol’s Role in Heart Attacks

Re-Think Breakfast!

Recently my daughter, Dr. Samara Sterling, had a post on Facebook suggesting that "Not eating breakfast is associated with an 87% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease! ". It got me thinking about the breakfast choices we make. Usually when we are on the run, we choose easy option like cereals, bagels, donut and … Continue reading Re-Think Breakfast!

Is There a Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Attacks?

Heart Disease and Diabetes: A human heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It basically runs everything to keep us alive. The most basic job of the heart is to transport oxygen and remove carbon dioxide by pumping blood throughout the body.  When the sugar levels inside the blood remain high … Continue reading Is There a Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Attacks?

Is Diabetes Reversible?

It is true! Diabetes is reversible! Let me share my story with you before I tell you how to reverse diabetes!. My grandfather suffered the loss of a leg and developed several health issues because of complications with diabetes. My uncle lost a leg, my aunt lost both legs because of diabetes. I have seen … Continue reading Is Diabetes Reversible?