An Incredible Diet: Lose the Weight and Keep it Off!

Now that we understand that the secret to weight loss is first to detox the body to remove toxins and heavy metals, then we need to maintain or continue to lose weight. Many people will lose some weight and then reach a plateau, become frustrated , get back to the old habits and regain the weight. It’s not your fault! Your body is just not responding to the diet you provide it! It was Hyppocrates, a physician credited with the development of medicine, who said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” For many people, instead of nourishing the body we kill it with what we think is food!

Malnutrition is estimated to be the cause of over 108,000 deaths per year, yet, the American population is overweight! Overweight with toxic substances peddled as food! Fact is that the human body is made of living cells, but we try to keep it alive and healthy with dead, processed materials.

The only animals on the planet that eat stale, dead materials are scavengers, like the pig and carrion crow! The herbivores eat fresh uncooked plants, carnivores eat fresh, raw, (not cooked), meats. Only humans eat dead processed food, then add toxins by microwaving it! “The continuance of life and health is dependent upon the transfer of energy and nutrients from our foods into every cell in the body. The vast majority of cooked foods disrupt the body’s natural processes.” Dr. Rudel Davis.

Drink fruit and Vegetable juices daily!

Nutrients from the food we eat cannot enter the cell unless it is in liquid form, that is why juicing is so nourishing!. Juicing fruits and vegetables keep the food in its life giving form and makes it easily available to the cells. Numerous studies show that cooking meats and feeding it to animals have a detrimental effect on the body. Dr. Frances M. Pottenger M.D. conducted a study with rats, where he fed raw meet to one group and cooked meat to the other group. The group fed with cooked meats, developed degenerative diseases. By the third generation, rats could not produce offspring and kittens in the third generation did not survive six months! They died out totally by the 4th generation.

Foods need to be in liquid form! Dr. Rudel Davis”

When animal flesh is heated, there is a denaturing of the proteins. A study sponsored by the USDA concluded the “Cooking at 400 degrees F ( average temperature for cooking meats) causes a very marked decrease ( 4 to 30 times) in the soluble protein of steaks under analysis”

Beard, F.T. et al, “Effects of aging and cooking on distribution of certain amino acids and Nitrogen in beef muscle.
ArticleinJournal of Food Science 19(1‐6):410 – 416 · August 2006

Cooked meats have low pH, a source of disease.

Studies indicate that cooked foods can lose anywhere between 15 – 100% of its nutrients. Leftovers has 100% loss of nutrients. Microwaved foods have 90-99% loss of nutrients and commercially canned foods, fried foods and foods with additives have 100% loss of nutrients plus toxins are added.

This is me after second heart attack. 59 years old

I maintain my youthful look by drinking fruit and vegetable juices daily, after my detox program. I also drink alkaline water and wash my face with beauty water daily. I no longer eat meat or fried foods. No microwaved or commercially produced foods for me. I always buy organic, where possible and I continue to lose weight,…60 pounds and counting!. All this is possible because of detoxifying the body and giving it the fuel (food) it needs. Now its your turn! Just do it!

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