Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Statins?

I could not believe my eyes! My heart sank when I saw the blood results. My hemoglobin A1C was 10.3, full-blown diabetes! I CANNOT have diabetes because I saw what it did to my aunts and uncle, and I was told my grandfather died because of complications with diabetes. How could this have happened? I … Continue reading Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Statins?

Are Your Teeth Hurting Your Health?

Beautiful Smile Everyone wants a beautiful, white teeth smile, and many will do anything to achieve that. We are not short of teeth whitening products and professionals who will provide us with implants, crowns, dentures, fillings and root canals in order to "save" the tooth that we may be loosing. BUT, have we considered how … Continue reading Are Your Teeth Hurting Your Health?

This Mineral Is Your Lifeline!

What does dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds, whole grains, bananas, and legumes have in common? This is a mineral that is necessary for over 600 enzyme processes in the body according to Dr. Carolyn Dean. It helps in the regulation of heart rhythm, muscle movements, healthy bowel and nerve function. Dr. … Continue reading This Mineral Is Your Lifeline!

Mung Bean Sprouts

Sprouts, as I indicated in the previous blog, are powerhouses of nutrients. Sprouts are more nutritious than the mature plant. Mung beans is one of my favorites. Make sure to buy the organic beans. Take a look at the nutritional value of mung bean sprouts compared to the bean. Home-grown fresh mung bean sprouts Nutrient..............Nutrient … Continue reading Mung Bean Sprouts

The Nutritious Powerhouse

Many people are watching what they eat, because there is an awakening that nutrition is the most important thing the body needs. The body is a complex system that needs important nutrients to renew itself. All cells in the body are renewed regularly, even the skin and bones. The renewed cell quality is based on … Continue reading The Nutritious Powerhouse

What’s Up With Aged Steak?

I remember the days, as a child, when we looked forward to Fridays. Why? It was on Fridays that we got fresh, grass-fed beef from the butcher to make a beef soup, with lots of root vegetables. Back then, everyone knew the butcher and who he got the cow or bull from for slaughter. We … Continue reading What’s Up With Aged Steak?

You Become What You Eat!

Junk food bad for figure, skin, heart and teeth. Empty calories! You eat junk, your body becomes junk! Sounds harsh right? Yet it is true. The food you give your body to produce new cells will either build healthy cells or weak and dying cells!. Our cells are in a constant cycle of death and … Continue reading You Become What You Eat!

Peace Through Trust!

Feel peaceful by just looking at and enjoying God's creation! Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year.The global suicide rate is 16 per 100,000 population.On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.1.8% of worldwide deaths are suicides.Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 … Continue reading Peace Through Trust!

Is Temperance A Good Thing?

We have all been there! Don't tell me you have never been tempted to pile the plate high with food, when there is so much food and so many choices! Our eyes are usually much bigger than our stomachs, especially at gatherings of family and friends over food on special occasions. We want to take … Continue reading Is Temperance A Good Thing?

Caution! Detrimental To Your Health!

No wonder we have such a sick society! We use lots of chemicals in and around our homes which affect the air we breathe in a negative way. Along with that, we are usually locked in our homes with the AC on all day and night. We go to the job and we are locked … Continue reading Caution! Detrimental To Your Health!