The Nutritious Powerhouse

Many people are watching what they eat, because there is an awakening that nutrition is the most important thing the body needs. The body is a complex system that needs important nutrients to renew itself. All cells in the body are renewed regularly, even the skin and bones. The renewed cell quality is based on the materials given to it. If good materials (nutrients) are given then the cells are healthy. If poor materials are given to the cells for renewal, then they will be unhealthy and ultimately the body becomes sick and diseased.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find good quality food, even those labeled as organic. The use of pesticides and genetic engineering have contaminated the food supply so much that quality is suspect. I recently found a quality farmer’s market and was talking to the owner, who told me that some farmers are now using human waste as fertilizer!. Many fruits and vegetables are harvested before they are ready, then transported for days to the point of sale where they may remain on the shelf for many more days. When this is bought and consumed, most of the nutritional value is gone.

I am a proponent of having your own vegetable garden. We have planted and have been eating from our fruit trees and vegetable garden. We build quality soil by composting the waste and leftovers from the kitchen. Our papaya, pineapple, bananas, mangoes, peaches and blueberries are kept until mature and they are always sweet and delicious. It is just heavenly to reach out and pick a mango, papaya, or pineapple and consume it immediately. It is packed with nutrients at that time and we can be sure of the quality.

If you are unable to make you own back yard garden, then the nutritious powerhouse that you can do cheaply and easily is sprouts.

Stack of Different Sprouting Seeds Growing in a Glass Jar
  • Sprouts grow in any climate any time of year
  • they require neither soil nor sunshine but are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • they rival meat in nutritional value
  • they can grow indoors in a minimum amount of space and multiply 400% or more in 5 days
  • they are a powerful source of antioxidants and are full of living enzymes.
  • they have a generous supply of vitamins and minerals
  • they are an excellent source of preventative medicine.
  • anyone can grow sprouts.
  • any viable seed or bean can be sprouted.
  • sprouts are cheap and nutritious

Sprouts are appearing in supermarkets now and you can always resort to buying those. I use sprouts in salads, smoothies and sometimes on a sandwich. It takes some time to acquire the tastes, but it is extremely good for you. Try it, nothing to lose here, however, you can get great nutrition at a minimal price.

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