The Cleanse Begins!

We were all in bed by 8:30 the previous night.   The movie before bed was eye opening. It was about a month long experiment of just drinking juices and exercise to heal the body of various types of chronic diseases.   I knew that diabetes can be reversed with the proper diet and exercise because I had experienced it myself.  After the first heart attack, my husband and I went on a vegan diet and we had extremely favorable results.  His  kidney function  increased significantly and my A1c levels fell to 5.6.  After awhile, against our better judgement, we both reverted to the conventional medical protocols and ultimately reversed the gains we had. BIG mistake!

Now, here I am at the clinic, trying to get back my health.  I went down to breakfast at 8 am.  My vitals were taken and we were given an Isotonic  flush drink, parasite  and bacteria cleanse and lots of distilled water.  Breakfast was a green smoothie with chlorophyll, sprouted vegetables, greens and other ingredients ( email me for recipe).  The leisurely breakfast was followed by devotions and discussion. 

During a lecture on the benefits of chlorophyll, we had a delicious freshly made carrot with orange juice drink ( all organic).  We then went for a 30 minute walk and returned to a blood cleanse drink and another green smoothie.  Then another 30 minute walk along the ocean. Although it was cold, it was exhilarating and rejuvenating.  Strangely enough, I did not feel hungry!  I thought I would be starving by 1 pm but I was not, even with the many trips to the bathroom which was precipitated by the Isotonic flush!

After our second walk, we settled in for another health movie with another glass of carrot/orange juice.  We saw another eye opening movie “Death by Medicine” by Gary Null.  Here I learned why I needed to be off all medications! After the movie and discussion, it was time for steam bath and bed.  What a day!  I had started to feel better already and I was NOT hungry! 


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