As I looked at my blood analysis in shock, I could not help but reflect and try to understand how I got to this point.  I really had a love affair with food, especially fried foods!  I loved fried chicken, Escoviech fish ( fried fish with special seasoning and spices done especially by Jamaicans) and tostones (fried green plantains-Hispanics favorite).  Most of my foods were fried.  However, I had good cholesterol  and blood sugar levels up to August of 2010.  My yearly health check had been quite good until  August 2010 when I went for my annual health check.  My doctor told me that my  cholesterol was high and that I needed to start taking statins.  I trusted my doctor and started simvastatin ( a cholesterol lowering drug).  

August 2011 when I went back for the annual health check, my blood sugar levels had skyrocketed and I was now considered diabetic!!  Now I needed to take metformin ( a diabetes drug)!  I am scared of being diabetic because my grandfather lost his leg because of high blood sugar.  My aunt lost both legs because of high blood sugar.  I did not want to be diabetic with the potential to lose any limbs.  I started researching and realized that one side effect of taking cholesterol lowering medications was increased blood glucose levels and insulin resistance!  Taking the simvastatin had caused my blood sugar to go out of control!

I went on a very low carb diet and ate lots of vegetables, baked and steamed instead of fried foods.  Three months later my blood sugar level, A1c, had fallen significantly to 6.5%.  Increased risk of diabetes is 5.7 – 6.4 %.  I started on the metformin and continued to eat responsibly.  By June of 2013, my doctor said he was quite pleased with my progress.  My A1c was now at a 6.4, it was not going below that, it seemed, and my total cholesterol was still high at 282mg/dl.   It was during this period of taking 2 medications and not taking CoQ10, which is depleted with the use of statins, that I suffered the first heart attack.  

I was brought back to reality by the request to start with my first cleansing drink, a pint of delicious, freshly made carrot and orange juice.  That was supper.  I was encouraged to drink lots of distilled water while we watched a health related movie.  We discussed the movie, then the others went to a steam bath.  I was unable to steam because of the recent heart attack.  I wondered what was in store for us the next day.  With that thought, I fell  into bed at 8 pm and slept like a baby!  

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