The Cleanse, Part 2

The 10 days went by really fast!  There were so many health revelations, it was hard to keep up with them.  It was indeed a week of education, discoveries and reinforcement of what I already knew!  The atmosphere was relaxing and rejuvenating, and Doctor Rudy shared  many stories of healing and health challenges experienced by previous guests. The one that remained riveted in my mind was one about a patient with lung cancer that was given six months to live.  He visited the clinic and within 12 weeks of treatment, his cancer had completely disappeared!  The sad part though, is that his doctor told him that he still had to do radiation to prevent the cancer from returning.  Against Doctor Rudy’s advice, he did the radiation anyway, saying that he did not want his doctor to be upset with him. He was dead within 4 months!   So sad!

The one phrase that kept coming back to me was “People perish because of lack of knowledge!” Many people leave their health in the hands of doctors, and follow their advice slavishly sometimes to their detriment.  Of course doctors are essential, but we need to develop a better understanding of how the body works and how medications affect its optimal functioning.

One night during the cleanse, I felt as if I was going to pass out and I was having another heart attack!  The nurse and Doctor Rudy came to my room and assured me that it was not another heart attack but a breaking up of plaque that caused me to feel as if my air supply was cutting off.  It was just the body doing what it was designed to do; cleanse itself when given the right foods.  I got a dose of cayenne pepper and felt better within a few minutes! He said the cayenne pepper opens up the blood vessels for a better blood flow. Over the following weeks, I would continue to use my cayenne pepper whenever I feel that tightness in my chest.  I have a bottle with me always.

The ten days of cleansing, juices, exercising, getting to bed early and no television, did wonders for my body and mental well being.  I had  dreaded the idea of not eating solid food for ten days, but during the period, I never felt hungry.  In fact, I felt so energized , it was surprising. Doctor Rudy explained that the juices are packed with nutrients and are more bio-available than solid food.  To top it off, I was blown away by the live blood analysis at the end of the program!  It seemed like the blood of a different person, indeed I felt like a different person!

I was leaving the clinic armed with the education and  good reasons I needed to continue the healthy lifestyle.   New Start, an acronym I had learned years ago from my daughter when she did a health seminar at church, was applied during this cleansing period.   NEW START stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God. I was ready to put the New Start into practice!

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