The Shocking Blood Revelation!

I arrived t the clinic and was handed the schedule for the ten days.  First thing I noticed was that there is no scheduled three meals for the day!  Oh my God!  I am not going to eat for the ten days!?  Only cleanse! No Food??  How am I going to deal with this?  I was shaken from the gloomy thoughts by the request to do the live blood cell analysis. My blood flow was difficult and that was the first sign that all was not well.  I was appalled when I was shown the sample on the computer screen!  I could not believe my eyes!

I am not a medical person, but I knew that the blood cells should not look like this!!  Anyone looking at this, whether with medical knowledge or not, should see that this does not look normal. I know the cells should be barely touching, they should be perfectly rounded and almost the same size, not pointed or sickle and sticking together as the above sample looks.  My blood cells did not look like normal cells. They were dying or dead, it seemed.

Normal red blood cells

With such poor blood quality, what would have happened if I had done that open heart surgery?  It may have helped for a while, BUT sooner or later I would be in a lot of trouble physically, because the surgery would not deal with the root cause.  It came forcefully to me that literally  ‘the life of the person is in the blood.”  Healthy blood makes a healthy person!  No wonder I was sick.  My blood needed cleansing!

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