Traveling To The The Clinic

There I was in Canada but not yet at my destination and unsure about when I would get to the clinic.  The Ice storm closed all airports and no flights were leaving Toronto until MAYBE Monday.  I was with my daughter and family so I just relaxed and hoped that I would be able to travel on Monday.  My daughter made sure to stick to the strict diet guidelines suggested by Dr. Rudel.

After long waits on calls to the airline on Sunday, we were assured that the flight to Moncton airport would leave at 8 am Monday morning.  Arrangements were made for rides from the airport to the clinic. I went to packing and getting ready for the trip next day.  To this point, I felt my usual self, except that I got winded when going up stairs or trying to lift heavy items.  May daughter made arrangement for a wheelchair!  I had to laugh!  

On Monday morning, I was happy for the wheelchair.  It was such a long walk, it would have been difficult for me.  Thank God for my daughter’s foresight.  Of course there are benefits to being on a wheelchair!  I was first on the flight with a window seat.  My traveling companion was quite curious.  He wanted to know if I were a performer and could he come to the performance.  I had a private laugh! Why would he think that?  Is it because I was the only African-American on the flight and I have sister locks?  I told him it was a private conference (LOL).  He went on to boast about his warm cottage with his fireplace etc.  He did make good company.

I arrived at Moncton airport after 4 hours of flight.  My ride was waiting and there was another 2 hours of driving to the clinic.  The driver was good company!  I had no idea that there were such remote and underdeveloped  areas in Canada.  There were mountains of snow on the sides of the road and it was really cold!  I had not felt so cold in the last few years since we moved from New York to escape the cold winters.  In my haste to pack, I did not check the temperatures so I did not take boots.  I wanted to buy socks, but there was no where to purchase those!  I will just have to get by with what I had.

I arrived at the clinic after 4 pm and was greeted so warmly by Dr. Rudel, it felt like a family member whom I had not seen for a long time.  I was ushered into my own  very warm and welcoming room with its own thermostat. I was introduced to the other members of the team and patients who were there for the cleanse and detox.  I then had to do the required paperwork, was given a schedule for the 10 days and a live blood cell analysis was done.  I was shocked to see what my blood looked like… A heart bypass surgery would not have dealt with the root cause of my problem!  My blood cells were so unhealthy and sticking together, it was unbelievable!  The cleanse will begin in the morning…

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