Canada! Here I Come!

It’s as if God had orchestrated everything!  I am discharging myself from the hospital on Wednesday, going home to pack on Thursday, and be on my way to Canada on Friday to start my treatment on Sunday. My daughter, Sheena Sterling Fyffe, knew of Dr. Davis and how his clinic had helped her friend overcome cancer while she was pregnant.  The treatments usually start every two weeks and I was blessed to have one starting that Sunday! Awesome God!

When I made my decision to discharge myself,  the hospital administrator came into my room and tried to convince me that I needed to do the surgery.  He warned that I should not travel any long distances or worse, get on an airplane. he warned that I could get another heart attack and die if I left the hospital without the surgery. FEAR TACTIC was in full swing!  I told him I am not afraid to die.  I was resolute and signed the AMA right there and then!  I walked out of the hospital on my own, and felt rejuvenated as soon as the afternoon sun hit my face.  It was with a measure of anticipation and excitement that I started my journey.  I knew it was all in God’s hands and He had led me to the decision I made.

I was prepared with my cayenne capsules, I was unable to get the tincture.  While on the flight, I was somewhat agitated and checked my blood pressure often.  Sometimes it was really high, and I just took some cayenne under my tongue.  I arrived safely in Toronto, with the plan to take another flight to the clinic on Sunday morning.  It was extremely cold in April and there was forecast of an ice storm.  Sunday came and went and I could not go to the clinic because all flights were delayed until Monday because of the ice storm.  NO SWEAT!  I could still start on Monday afternoon. God is still in control!

One thought on “Canada! Here I Come!

  1. Our God is a awesome God….whatever he commences he completes…. he is still in the miracle working business the same God yesterday today and forever …Your faith moved your mountain Thanks be to God 🙏🏽🙏🏽….


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