Heart Surgery Decision(Journey Part 3)

Here I was in the hospital, waiting for the blood tests after a second heart attack.  I was told that I needed surgery.  They needed to see what was happening in the heart. The result? My arteries were almost 100% blocked and the stents were calcified! I needed open heart surgery immediately! What??

Somehow I knew something was wrong days before I had this second heart attack.  I was not able to climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath.  HOWEVER, at that time, sitting there in the hospital, I knew I was NOT going to do open heart surgery.  God came through again in a mighty way!  My daughter, Doctor Samara Sterling, was in transition to her new job and was able to come and spend some time with us.

We started praying and asking God for directions.  We called friends and family in the medical field to get their opinions.  Of course there were mixed messages. But all thought that it was not as urgent as the doctors made it seem.  We started to ask intelligent medical questions that some of the doctors did not want to answer.  This was after I told the surgeon, who scheduled surgery without my permission, that he needed to reschedule.  He had scheduled surgery for the next day and just came to tell me to prepare  for surgery and sign the documents!  Of course, I was incensed!

During the hospital stay, I realized how unhealthy the hospital environment is… no exercise, not much sleep, poor nutrition, no sunlight, poor water quality and on and on! I remember the nurse came to give me medication. When I asked what is it used for, she indicated that it was to lower my pulse rate!  My pulse rate was below 60! ( I usually have a blood pressure machine with me) I indicated to her that it was already low.  At that point she checked the protocol and realized that I did not need that particular medication!  She, however, was determined to administer the particular medication.   Another time she came to give me the medication because, according to her, the heart rate had gone above 60.  I asked her to check it again before administering the medication.  She did, and the rate was then below 60! God protected me!

I requested my medical records be sent to Dr. Rudel Davis at Bayside Natural Health clinic.  He responded as follows:

“I have received the report from the Florida Hospital. The report does not indicate any need for surgery if you know how the human body works. Your mother’s body is trying to clean itself up and most of the blood vessels feeding the heart are clear and so are most of those coming from the heart. She is going to need a very strict dietary to clear everything up but I see that she stands a very good chance of healing completely in less than a year. The doctors are pushing for heart surgery because they are taught that the surgery is the only answer. I pray that their eyes will be opened by what takes place with your mother.
For her flying here I would recommend that she gets some cayenne tincture from a health food store and start using it daily to help keep her blood vessels open and clear while she travels. She can take the recommended aspirin with no problem and make sure she gets plenty of water throughout the day. No processed sugars or fats of any kind should be taken into the system during this next little while.
If for any reason Jacinta is uncomfortable with anything, even if she is not sure about coming here, I would recommend that she does nothing that she is not completely comfortable with. The mind must be at ease before real healing can take place and I want your mother to have peace of mind about all that we are planning.”
This was the answer to prayer! I took my AMA ( against medical advice) discharge! I am on my way to CANADA!

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