The Journey, Part 2

I had no choice but to go to the hospital…

After many tests in the hospital, I was told I had a heart attack and I needed to have surgery to put stents in 3 of my arteries because they were 80% blocked.  I was in shock.  Two weeks before I got a clean bill of health from my New York doctor.  He was happy that my cholesterol levels were  good because of the statins I was taking, and my blood sugar levels looked good.

Prayers were being said for me and I went into surgery.  A minor invasive surgery was done to place 3 stents .  I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and got a hefty bill of $124,000.00, along with medications that cost almost $500 per month!

My God provided the help that we needed to get home, the train had left us and our two vehicles were on the train!  We also got help from our church to unload the PODS.  Awesome God!

During the weeks that followed, I felt fine.  BUT once the medications started to take effect, I noticed some subtle changes in my body, especially the fact that I would bruise easily and have black and  blue marks all over my body.  I knew this was not good for me, so I started to research.  I promised myself that I would be off the medications once I completed the recommended test for heart attack survivors.

I started a new regimen of healthy eating and exercise.  The recommended tests at the end of the year, were favorable and I gradually took myself off the medications.  Even though my cholesterol levels went down significantly, my doctor kept insisting that I needed the level to be much lower.

I knew the function of cholesterol in the body and could not agree with him.  Then I discovered a documentary entitled “The Great Cholesterol Hoax”  which was so enlightening, I fired my doctor!   Check this PDF

I soon discovered that most doctors have the same philosophy!  You need to lower your cholesterol with statins.  I soon came under pressure from my doctors and health insurance company, to take the statins.  I did and suffered another heart attack!

PART 3 coming soon!

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