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So Many Questions:

How is your health these days? With all that has happened over the last year, many are stressed and some got sick with all kinds of maladies, especially with the recent virus and injections.

Are you tired of taking pills?

Are you sent for surgeries that you do not care to do?

Do you feel worse with each passing day?

Does it seem as if the medications are doing more harm than good?

Have you lost the hope of getting better?

There is Hope!

Advanced Medicine in Health Care Sector

What is Advanced Medicine

From time immemorial, there has been an illusive search to cure diseases. However, to this point no one has found a cure for anything. Are there natural cures available that you don’t know about?

For more than 20 years some doctors have been quietly treating diseases by helping the body do what it does best. These doctors have been so censored that their achievements have not been broadcasted to the world. The time has come for the world to know that sickness does not have to be managed. One can actually get well and live a fulfilling life without pain and suffering. I know this because I refused bypass surgery after a heart attack over 3 years ago. I am living a healthy, pain free life.

Advanced Medicine identifies the source of diseases and provides a protocol to eliminate the source. Science has progressed and has identified the fact that genes are only blueprints and do not cause disease. The environment in which the body is placed, causes disease. You are not a victim, but the master of your circumstances. At Advance Medicine, we believe that if you change the environment, you can eliminate the disease. Find lots of free webinars here to understand the mindset that we have at Advance Medicine

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace

Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine partnered with CrowdPoint Technologies to create the Advanced Medicine Marketplace. On the exchange there are full-spectrum, rigorously tested, organic, non-GMO, glyphosate-free products for optimal health. There are products and devices that become available to participants in the IADFW(International Association for a Disease-Free World), that are not available elsewhere. You will also find several Micropreneurs, or small online business owners, like myself, who bring you personalized service.

CrowdPoint Technologies

CrowdPoint Technologies

CrowdPoint Technologies has created an ecosystem with 11 sectors. The health sector contains Advanced Medicine Marketplace. CrowdPoint recognizes the fact that our data is stolen and used without our permission by big tech and big businesses. They are trying to make a difference by allowing consumers to retrieve their data, control it, and get compensated when their data is used with their permission. A win/win situation for consumers. CrowdPoint secures your data on the blockchain and updates your computer to almost new. They do this by using their proprietary VRAI noware technology.

Protect your information online for free

More Health Resources

Still worried about your health in these uncertain times? On our Interactive Media Exchange, we give you 5 FREE hours of health and wellness tips and information from the recent Advanced Medicine Conference. If you love what you hear, and want more, you can purchase access to all 3 Advanced Medicine Conferences with over 50 hours of censored medical information! Get your FREE hours HERE! You will love me for this, I promise!

Increase Your Wealth

Advanced Medicine and CrowdPoint Technologies are not only concerned about your health but we are concerned about your wealth! We provide the opportunity to earn with CrowdPoint Technologies by becoming a Distributor, Reseller, or Technician. We have started an industrial revolution by putting back the power in the hands of consumers, educating on health and wellness, and providing a path to financial security. As one of the first 1000 Micropreneurs, I invite you to join us in the quest to make the world a better place.

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